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Lyssa Cole

Forever You (You & Me Series, #3) Ebook

Forever You (You & Me Series, #3) Ebook

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Book three of this interconnected series concludes with messes and scars, heartbreak and forgiveness, and love that’s worth it all.

Some love is messy, some love is hard,
But in the end, it’s worth every scar.
Levi broke me. He took my heart and smashed it into pieces.
Dean picked them up and slowly started to glue them back together.
Until one day, one glance, one tragedy…
Changed everything I thought I wanted.
A heart so cold. A body so wounded.
A man so destroyed.
I may have walked away but I never really left.
With broken hearts and words of forgiveness, will we find our happily ever after?
Or are we changed forever?

*Warning- Series must be read in order

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